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Top 3 easiest way to conceptually understand any data structure

Many people have asked this question to me and also to many of my institute's faculty, that how to become good at coding?
That is a question that I asked myself in High school when I was having a hard time in the C++ programming in software subject. In my case, my question was never asked loudly as I was afraid that it would come out as a sign of weakness, but it was a big mistake which I later came to know with experience.
Since then I took up many online courses tried many programming practice website and here are some best ways one could master the art of coding very quickly.


This is the best way for self-analyzing your programming knowledge. Many programmers, even after landing developers jobs, find it hard to give solutions to even medium-levelled problems. Out of many skills, the main skill required for Algorithm-building is a problem-solving one.
Academics of many software courses neglect this part as their main concern is the finish the course portion by making student memories the programming language syntaxes and finish their journals.
Even many practical exams of programming languages are observed to give questions which are available in the student experiment journals making such test more of memorising themed rather than the problem-solving knowledge giving one.
Competitive programming was a way for me to realize that my knowledge even of my favourite programming language was not even close to the level of problems and my problem-solving skill was nowhere near to the expectation of software industry requirement.
Questions which seems easy, became tough when their solution was expected to be put in machine-understandable language.
The question which seemed hard and unsolveable, searching up their solutions made the LOGIC clearer and even upgrading some of the syntaxial knowledge.


This seems to be an old trick to a software student but believe me, this really helps in making the logic clearer and even to some extent visualize the steps in problem-solving.
For me, this trick became a weapon when some higher-level algorithm seemed gibberish at first. Using this trick helped me visualize the problem-solving mentally as it is a very good practice to see the working of the algorithm.
For problems that seem unsolvable try this trick, for every solution that you made for the problem before entering it in the machine first use this trick and you will be astonished to see the result that even if first of your solution did not work but breaking the problem and solving in text format makes it clear to the mind and subconsciously you get directed towards the right pattern of the solution. Don't believe me? TRY IT YOURSELF THE NEXT TIME.


This part was the one that struck later to me in life and was one of the good ones trust me. Watching professional competitive programmers solving the trickiest problems out there gave me many useful insights.
Learning their process as they solve the problem is one among the many useful things you will learn by watching their videos.
See it this way, even if you play soccer quite nicely, Why are you then tempted to watch professional league games or The FIFA?

It's simple because their style of playing is completely out of the world and it gives you the motivation to play with their level of skills


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